Unethical Practice of Rogue Casinos Under RevenueJet Group

| By iGB Editorial Team

In the special ‘Our Clients’ section on their website, RevenueJet Group were boasting about how they carefully selected the brands they were working with. Unfortunately, it turned out quite the opposite. The brands such as: Grand Parker Casino, Loco Panda Casino, Onbling Casino and Classycoin Casino that were under RevenuJet group became notorious for shady work and extremely bad business practice.


A casino rep who was in charge of the whole group joined the LCB forum in March 2012, promising to assist all players and lend them a helping hand. He was willing to assist all LCB members and was looking forward to being a part of the LCB community. Just two months later, complaints started piling up in the support topic. Fortunately, the first complaint was sorted out relatively fast, but it just remained there as the evidence of their bad practice.  At first the casino rep was replying to players’ messages and providing them with the relevant info. From day to day it was getting worse and worse. The support thread was full of people’s complaints regarding extremely slow withdrawal processes. People kept messaging the casino rep, unfortunately with no success. Their complaints fell on deaf ears. No response, no resolution to their problems. Players were desperate.


A player who won $11,193 at Onbling casino was never credited. After winning, the casino asked for additional documents to prove the player’s identity. Months were passing by, but the money never hit her account. The casino rep stopped responding.


The whole group was hosting rogue terms and conditions that did not allow players to withdraw their winnings. They implemented ridiculous security checks that would prolong the whole process for months and finally players would end up with no money in their accounts. This allowed them to do these security checks for 60 to 90 days, leaving players with frozen account and without winnings. In addition to that, after completing the security check, players were denied their winnings again due to the lack of any deposits made in the period of 30 days. Interesting, though!


That’s not all folks! According to their rules, bonuses they offered included withdrawal limits that were equal to 10 times the amount of deposit. The rule goes like this: “The casino reserves the right to exercise this limitation at its discretion.” It was stated that it was up to management decision to determine the limits according to the player’s status and level. Ridiculous!


Based on all of these facts regarding the irregularities of the whole group, LCB issued a warning sign. Warning: Players are advised to proceed with caution. Too many reports of slow and denied payments. Non responsive and slow customer support. Aside from slow withdrawals players are now reporting “security checks” which can take from 60-90 days. During this time players are not allowed to cash-out. This is nothing but another stalling tactic. Players are then being told they won't be paid because they haven't played enough recently??!! Rumors are that the company that owns and operates this casino (Milmore Ltd.) does not exist in Curaçao and are in fact not licensed and to top it off is linked to Affactive group. It was our intention to make our players aware of the possible consequences playing with them. The story ends with all of the casino closing in July 2015. All that being said, we encourage you to proceed with caution when depositing money at any casino that is under a warning sign. 

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