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Influence your bottom line directly

What: Operating profitably in the competitive market of online gambling is a complex minefield of financial, operational, technological and regulatory challenges. As the online gaming industry continues to mature and evolve, so does the complexity of the business.

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Why: Explore each area of the online gaming business in detail and recognize its influence on your bottom line, using real-life case studies of operators.

Who: Whether you head up the department of an existing online gaming operation or are interested in starting up in the online gaming business, this course is essential.

When: From 7am PDT / 10am EDT / 3pm BST / 4pm CEST on five days:

  • Day 1: Monday, 9 November
    • The Online Gaming Ecosystem
    • Casino Mechanics and Revenue Streams
  • Day 2: Tuesday, 10 November
    • Fraud, Identity Checks and Money Laundering
    • Bonuses and Advantage Play
  • Day 3: Wednesday, 11 November
    • Player Acquisition
  • Day 4: Thursday, 12 November
    • Player Engagement, Retention and Churn
  • Day 5: Friday, 13 November
    • The Online Gaming Balance Sheet
    • In Practice – Creating an Action Plan

Trainer: Itsik Akiva and Jason “Wolf” Rosenberg

Duration: 3 hours per day

Location: From your laptop!

Price: €950*

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