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DevOps Engineer (Malta, Bulgaria, Portugal)

Posted by Pentasia
  • Salary €60,000
  • Location Malta
  • Reference 35265

My Client is a B2B supplier of iGaming solutions with rapidly growing clients and partnerships in emerging markets. They offer a state-of-the-art iGaming platform, turnkey solutions, and standalone products.

You will be the first DevOps to implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using tools like Terraform, Helm, Ansible, or CloudFormation for cloud environments. Set up CI/CD pipelines, enhance backend application deployment, and optimize performance. Monitor, log, and troubleshoot issues while ensuring security and compliance. Integrate automated testing, plan for resource scaling, and maintain documentation for infrastructure and processes.

Your daily tasks will be:

  • Collaborate with Software Engineering teams to design, implement, and maintain infrastructure using tools like Terraform and Helm (for Kubernetes) Ansible, or CloudFormation
  • Automate the provisioning and scaling of resources in cloud environments (Ionos cloud and GCP) to ensure stability, security, and scalability.
  • Drive the implementation and optimization of CI/CD pipelines for backend applications.
  • Configure, monitor, and maintain build, test, and deployment process automated release cycle.
  • Collaborate with Software Engineers to enhance the deployment process, optimize application performance, and troubleshoot production issues.
  • Implement monitoring and logging solutions to provide real-time visibility into application and infrastructure performance.
  • Proactively identify and address potential bottlenecks or performance issues before they impact users.
  • Ensure security best practices are followed across the infrastructure.
  • Implement security measures such as access controls, encryption, and vulnerability assessments.
  • Work closely with the security team to address compliance requirements.
  • Collaborate with QA teams to integrate automated testing into the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Develop and maintain automated testing scripts to validate application functionality, performance, and reliability.
  • Monitor resource utilization and plan for scaling as needed.
  • Optimize infrastructure costs by rightsizing resources and implementing auto-scaling strategies.
  • Maintain comprehensive documentation of infrastructure architecture, processes, and configurations.
  • Ensure documentation is up-to-date and accessible to relevant teams.

Ideal background:

  • +5 years of experience as a DevOps Engineer/Sysadmin or in a related role.
  • Proficiency in scripting languages such as Python, Bash, or Go.
  • Strong understanding of backend technologies, databases, and API interactions.
  • Hands-on experience with containerization and orchestration tools like Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Familiarity with cloud platforms such as AWS or GCP.
  • Strong knowledge of CI/CD tools like GitLab CI/CD, Jenkins or ArgoCD.
  • Solid understanding of networking, security, and infrastructure best practices.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot complex issues.
  • Strong communication skills to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.

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