Webinar: Free to play games driving fan and bettor engagement in the US

| By Louella Hughes
This webinar in association with the upcoming Sports Betting USA event took place on Wednesday October 9th.

While sports betting has yet to be legalized across the entirety of the United States, social casino games, and free to play (FTP) sports titles in particular, have proved to be a popular method of generating interest in gaming and fan engagement in sports.

As the country prepares for more states to regulate, FTP games can serve as a means to both engage would-be punters in currently unregulated states and to pique the interest of sports fans in regulated states. From sports leagues to operators and developers, stakeholders across the sports betting landscape have an opportunity to engage fans with FTP games – but how?

Unfortunately due to a technical glitch this webinar did not record. We apologise for any inconvenience. 

You can however download the slides by clicking here

We will also be supplying the asnwers to all questions asked during the webinar so watch this space. 


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