Webinar: Identity verification: the solution to the gambling industry’s most complex challenge?

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This webinar sponsored by Onfido discussed Harm minimisation and ID verification and took place on Thursday 24th October 2019.
Harm minimisation might be the biggest challenge facing the gambling sector, especially as iGaming reaches an ever-increasing volume of players. But self-regulation hasn’t been meeting this challenge. With gambling advertising showing little restraint, and many operators relying on outdated KYC and EDD processes, self-regulation attempts so far have actually damaged trust in the industry.

Given the level of scrutiny on the industry from politicians and the media, there is an urgent need for operators to get to grips with what problem gambling and indicators of harm look like. This is especially true in markets like the UK and Sweden, where large fines and harsh enforcement measures loom large.
But how does the industry tackle such a complex issue quickly enough to avoid fines or lost licenses?

Identity verification is arguably a crucial tool in knowing your customers and harm minimisation. With the potential to tackle compliance problems from fraud and money laundering to responsible gambling, identity verification is a critical component in protecting the gambling industry’s players, reputation and business.

Key Learnings:

  • How can operators in EU jurisdictions get around the problems of no centralised ID, and legacy data systems leaving loopholes?
  • What do operators need to do in order to modernise their KYC processes?
  • How are newly-regulated jurisdictions at a technological advantage when it comes to ID verification?
  • Developing trust with your customer: ensuring a frictionless journey which keeps your player and your business safe
  • GDPR, biometrics and data storage: how autofill could help

This webinar is sponsored by Onfido

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