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Betcade to re-launch following acquisition by Columbia Ventures

| By iGB Editorial Team

Android-focused mobile gambling app store Betcade is re-launching just a few weeks after it announced it was closing all business operations.

Betcade told iGaming Business it had been acquired by Columbia Ventures Corporation, a private equity business located in Vancouver, in the US state of Washington, which plans to restart the business.

Initial steps will see the start-up bring the customer acquisition business back online and David Chang, Betcade found and chief executive, told iGaming Business that once the company felt it was ready to support more operators it “will open the Betcade store to new apps again – hopefully that won't take us too long”.

Chang and his team are currently reaching out to current and former partners to make them aware that it will start sending users their way shortly.

“In the near term, we will be working with our current partners with apps on the Betcade store. We realise our recent close call may have left our current partners with many questions and we will work hard to answer them while continuing to make a positive contribution to the gambling industry,” Chang told iGaming Business.

He added: “Our near-death experience was a consequence of the acquisition of our investor and as a consequence not reflective of our business operations, metrics or promise. I really believe that our value proposition is stronger than ever and is a needed part of the mobile ecosystem if mobile gaming is to continue to grow.

“Every start-up has a near-death experience and in those trying times you really learn a lot about the company and those that you work with. Throughout the process we have done our upmost to treat all stakeholders with respect and sincerity.”

In the coming months Betcade will be engaging with partners, vendors and customers. Chang added: “It looks like we will be able to contribute to the industry after all, and we are grateful for the opportunity.”

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