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Covid 19: online share on the rise

| By Stephen Carter

H2 Gambling Capital upgraded online gambling’s share of expected 2020 global gross win to 17.4% this week, with this expected to edge past 18% in the not-too-distant future.

iGB’s principal data partner said this had been partially driven by upgrades of Japanese and US igaming forecasts (see interactive Chart 6 below).

“We now expected to make further upgrades, with 20% online share likely by 2025. This would equate to a 2025 global online gross win of as much as $108bn, well ahead of our pre-Covid forecasts of just under $90bn.

“This represents a significant upswing given the 10% level was only surpassed in 2016”, the data business added in its commentary.

The global gambling sector is now forecast to generate $358bn this year, tracking -24.4% behind pre-Covid estimates and -20.8% below the 2019 total (Charts 1, 2 and 8).


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