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Evoplay hits the target with new release Penalty Shoot-out: Street

| By Katrina Holmes | Reading Time: 6 minutes
After scoring big with its Penalty Shoot-out instant game in 2020, Evoplay has recently released a sequel, Penalty Shoot-out: Street. With extensive feature enhancements that give players moves like Ronaldo, the game is set to finish top of the league this year. Vladimir Malakchi, chief commercial officer at Evoplay, discusses how this sequel is bigger and better than the original.

Released back in 2020, Penalty Shoot-out attracted fans from across the globe, giving them the chance to feel like a world-class footballer without lengthy training sessions. Three years later, Evoplay is at it again, but this time with a Brazil-located football game in which players need lightning-quick (virtual) feet to win big.

“Rather than resting on the laurels of one successful product, we recognise the importance of diversifying and innovating within our portfolio. We create sequels to our top titles, understanding that relying solely on one successful product is not a sound strategy.”

Early success for Evoplay’s latest game release

Evoplay’s confidence in its Penalty Shoot-out: Street game has been backed by early solid returns. Currently, Penalty Shoot-out: Street accounts for a substantial 60% of Bet Sums, 55% of GGR, 53% of Rounds, and 70% of Users in Latin America within the overall traffic across all regions. It has secured a spot among Evoplay’s top two titles, dominating its key performance indicators (KPIs) and leading Bet Sum growth. It has also proven to boost retention rates by 20%, part of which could be attributed to its unique appeal in the space, as Malakchi explains.

“The game owes its success to its dynamic gameplay.”

“When considering the broader audience, the appeal lies in the much-desired betting mechanic and enhanced control over the gaming experience – enabling players to choose sectors to direct the ball,” he says. “This aspect makes it a genuine substitute for the wagering experience, especially when there are no scheduled sports fixtures.”

Engaging gameplay session

“Evoplay has earned a well-deserved reputation in the industry, acknowledged for our innovative approach, a trait that consistently sets our products apart.”

While the original Penalty Shoot-out got rave reviews, it’s difficult for any game developer to build a sequel that doesn’t just match its predecessor’s success but exceeds it. For Evoplay, the strategy to build on the original was based on players’ feedback alongside that of industry peers.

“Our decision to evolve the game was deeply influenced by the feedback on Penalty Shoot-out from our partners, players, igaming influencers and streamers,” Malakchi says.

“For Penalty Shoot-out itself, for example, we delved into the feedback and examined the game from multiple perspectives. We identified key areas for improvement and fine-tuning.”

Key enhancements include the ability for players to select any sector on the net to direct the ball, a departure from the previous version’s limited five zones. This introduces an extra layer of excitement and offers players a sense of freedom in their actions during the game, ultimately heightening their engagement with the gameplay.

Malakchi believes these tweaks to the gameplay create a more rounded experience for players. “The freedom to choose where to direct the ball amplifies the immersive experience and draws players deeper into the game, fostering a more thrilling and engaging gameplay session,” he says.

“When comparing Penalty Shoot-out and its evolved counterpart, Penalty Shoot-out: Street, it’s clear that we’ve taken strides to elevate the latter and make this football-themed title even more captivating.”

And the game features aren’t the only thing to have been enhanced. By changing the location of the sequel, the game has engaged the lucrative Latin American market.

“We sought to align the game more closely with Latin American football culture and the dynamic game tempo that is characteristic of the region,” Malakchi explains. “So, we proceeded with the creation of a Brazilian-inspired continuation of the product.”

The changes in theme and features have proven to have hit the back of the net with review sites, with Slotcatalog writing, “Penalty Shoot-out: Street allows you to feel the excitement and emotions of a football match. Feel like a real football star, score goals and win matches.”

Evoplay takes it to the streets of Latin America

Since it was founded in 2017, Evoplay has created over 200 slot, table, and instant games for players across the world. By establishing partnership networks throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia, and recently adding Interwetten to its list of clients, it has become one of the most recognisable game developers in the industry.

With the Latin American market being a big focus in the igaming industry of late, it’s no surprise that Evoplay chose to set Penalty Shout-out: Street in the region. Considered by many as the ‘home of football’, the choice of Brazil as the location for the game seems to have strongly resonated with players – and with Evoplay, for whom Latin America is a major target market as it continues its global expansion in the coming year.

It’s an exciting time for the Brazilian market, with legislation that will allow online casino and sports betting having recently been passed by the country’s parliament. This is good news for operators and suppliers alike, with a recent report estimating that Brazil’s online casino market could be worth more than $1.51bn by 2027, a statistic not lost on Malakchi.

“The potential in Latin America is vast, especially given the immense sports fan base and the insatiable demand for such content,” he says.

“In conceiving the Penalty Shoot-out: Street title, our foremost objective was to strategically align it with our business goals, especially in terms of expanding and fortifying our position within the Latin American market.

“We aimed to enrich our portfolio with a game that profoundly resonates with this target audience, catering precisely to their igaming preferences, encompassing everything from the game’s tempo to the intricacies of the settings. This alignment ensures that our game not only captures the essence of football but also complements the unique tastes and preferences of Latin American igamers.”

How does Penalty Shoot-out: Street work?

For most football fans, playing for their national team is only a distant dream, but luckily for players of Penalty Shoot-out: Street, they can do just that. On the sunny streets of Salvador, players can don their national team jersey and go up against a rival goalkeeper to score as many goals as possible. By following the progress bar at the top of the screen, players can assess their ball skills as the bar increases with every goal scored.

Bridging the gap with Penalty Shoot-out: Street

Following the launch of Penalty Shoot-out: Street, Evoplay is currently analysing the game’s initial results and gathering both partner and player feedback. Once collated, it plans to assess what’s hitting the target and what’s missing the goal before making any necessary amendments.

Malakchi considers Penalty Shoot-out: Street a prime example of Evoplay’s commitment to innovation and creativity. It represents a cross-channel iGaming product with the potential to be a versatile solution for both online casinos and sportsbooks.

“For online casinos, it offers an opportunity to engage sports fans and bettors alike. On the other hand, sportsbooks can leverage this game to retain their audience, ensuring the excitement of placing bets is not limited to traditional sports events.”

Bridging the gap between online casinos and sporting events, Penalty Shoot-out: Street helps operators to engage players even when there’s a lull in the sporting calendar, which is one of the biggest challenges in the industry. Players can play and bet during the off-season, in their own time and at their own pace.

“Players want to experience the thrill of sports; players dive in whenever they want.”

Pushing the boundaries with gamification

Looking ahead, Evoplay has an array of new releases lined up, each designed to elevate the gaming experience. Alongside these, the developer is continuing to integrate gamification features that will further enhance the innovative and engaging aspects of its gaming titles. It also has something very special up its sleeve, details of which Malakchi is keeping under wraps for the time being.

“Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in igaming remains at the core of these upcoming developments,” he says.

“One of the major milestones in our roadmap is the release of our new flagship game. While I can’t divulge all the details just yet, I can assure you it’s going to be an absolute blast.”

Vladimir Malakchi is the chief commercial officer of Evoplay, a leading igaming developer. Vladimir has extensive B2B expertise, having held C-level posts in business development, marketing, and sales. Since joining Evoplay in 2019, he has been the driving force for its commercial results, creating a long-term business development strategy and leading it to reap outstanding igaming awards. Vladimir’s rich management and marketing knowledge makes him a highly sought-after speaker, who has participated in 100+ conferences, interviewee, and judge at the most prestigious industry events.

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