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Casinos need to be ready to adapt

| By iGB Editorial Team | Reading Time: 2 minutes
With casino floors evolving and player demographics shifting, t2marketing International’s new white paper uses historical player data from the global brick-and-mortar landscape to help understand what pivots need to be made to appeal to a new generation of casino visitors. Author Corey Padveen introduces the white paper for iGB

The gambling industry is one with a long history of adaptation for the purpose of growth, and, in some cases, survival.

Considering the events of the last year, the industry as a whole is once again on the precipice of yet another seismic shift.

This time, however, in order to come out of the tunnel more powerful than ever, that adaptation is going to require perhaps the largest single overhaul of the casino floor in half a century.

In my new white paper, I look at historical player data from the global brick-and-mortar landscape in an effort to identify what the most significant changes need to be in order to appeal to a new generation of casino visitors.

In the paper, I look closely at the existing target demographics of some of the most valuable players on the casino floor: slot players. Generally speaking, this is an ageing demographic, and little has been done to adapt the floor model to cater to a new, younger generation with a longer player lifespan.

As we emerge from this pandemic, the heavy reliance on slot players over 55 will no longer satisfy the financial objectives of brick-and-mortar operations. There is a hugely underserved population of carded players that casinos need to engage with using new machines and updated technology. As such, there exists a major opportunity in skill-based gaming.

Studies show that integrating skill-based gaming machines entices new players to engage with the slot machine floor space (in some cases making up 80% of total unit space on the casino floor) without cannibalising play from other machines.

This, combined with the technological advantages of modernised games can help encourage new play-throughs, and ultimately widen the base of active slot players with a demographic that has been infamously elusive to date.

Learn more by reading the white paper below, or by downloading it here.

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