Nevada gaming revenue falls to 24-year low in 2020

| By Daniel O'Boyle
Nevada gaming revenue declined 34.6% to $7.87bn in 2020, the lowest annual total since 1996, after closures and ongoing property restrictions as a result of novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

Slot machines made up more than two thirds of revenue, at $5.42bn, down 31.7% year-on-year, as players staked $78.61bn.

Multi-denomination and penny slots made up the majority of revenue, with the former bringing in slightly more at $2.38bn, down 27.3% compared to the latter’s $2.35bn, down 32.8%.

Multi-denomination slots saw significantly more stakes, though, at $43.84bn compared to $24.14bn on penny slots.

One dollar slot revenue declined 34.3% to $365.0m and 25 cent slots saw revenue down 49.1% at $143.7m.

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