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LatAm iGaming Dashboard – May 2018

| By Joanne Christie
H2 Gambling Capital and iGaming Business are pleased to bring you the LatAm iGaming Dashboard, breaking down the key numbers for the sector in the region
H2 Gambling Capital and iGaming Business are pleased to bring you the LatAm iGaming Dashboard, produced in conjunction with the Latin America section in the latest issue of iGaming Business. This dashboard provides an overview of the Latin American gaming sector in numbers and enables you to follow the evolution of the igaming sector from 2003 with projections up to 2022. Although only a small percentage of the Latin American market is ‘white market’ due to the lack of online gambling regulation throughout the continent, this is expected to grow as countries put regulatory regimes in place. Colombia was the first LatAm country to regulate online gambing in 2016 and despite its small size, is now the third largest contributor to the continent’s igaming gross win, accounting for 12%.  Brazil is the clear leader, accounting for 36%, and this is likely to grow rapidly once the online gambling market opens up in 2018 or 2019. However, it is in Colombia that igaming accounts for the largest percentage of the country’s overall gambling gross win, at 34%. This figure is just 10.7% in Brazil, showing the enormous potential ahead once regulation comes into play. Despite its largely black or grey market status, the LatAm region has seen a steady increase in igaming over the past decade and a half, with gross win rising from €29.8m in 2003 to a projected €692.1m this year. Mobile gross win has gone from just €1.8m in 2008 to expectations it will reach €275.2m by 2022.  H2 Gambling Capital is the gambling industry’s leading consulting, market intelligence and data team. The company has a track record of nearly 15 years focused on the global gambling industry, its projections have been influential in shaping legislators’  and investors’ views of the gambling sector across the globe. Clarion Gaming hosts Juegos Miami, an event covering the Latin American market on 30 May-1 June. 

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