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Mobile Dashboard – June 2019

| By Stephen Carter
H2 Gambling Capital and iGaming Business are pleased to present your monthly overview of the global mobile igaming sector in numbers
H2 Gambling Capital and iGaming Business are pleased to bring you the June 2019 Mobile Dashboard. The Mobile Dashboard is your monthly overview of the mobile sector in numbers and enables you to follow the evolution of mobile from 2003 with projections up to 2024. As the charts show, mobile gross win has not only grown aggressively since 2003, but its percentage of overall igaming win has also risen rapidly, particularly over the past five years. H2 predicts mobile will account for more than 56% of igaming gross win by 2024, though many operators are already reporting that more than 50% of their revenue comes from the mobile channel, particularly when it comes to sports betting. As the doughnut graph shows, 66% of mobile revenues come from sports betting. Interestingly, while by region Europe takes the bulk of global mobile revenues, Asia and the Middle East has a higher percentage of its region’s gross win coming from mobile. This is likely to be due to the fact that in some countries, particularly those in Asia, fixed-line broadband was slow to develop and many users skipped desktop altogether and adopted mobile as their first internet device. H2 Gambling Capital is the gambling industry’s leading consulting, market intelligence and data team. The company has a track record of nearly 15 years focused on the global gambling industry, its projections have been influential in shaping legislators’  and investors’ views of the gambling sector across the globe.

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