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Mr Green and NetEnt go ‘beyond live’ with new 3D live casino

| By Joanne Christie

Mr Green has today launched a new 3D virtual live casino offering, which uses blue screen technology to simulate a real-life casino experience.

Unveiling the Live Beyond Live product at ICE, Mr Green Ltd CEO Jesper Karrbrink explained that it had been developed in collaboration with NetEnt after a meeting between the companies at last year’s event.

“This is a vision coming true,” said Karrbrink. “We had a vision of being more entertaining. We want to be the most entertaining casino out there. We all know that the live casino is growing like crazy, it is where the people want to be and we want to take that further so we came up with this idea, Live Beyond Live.”

The key differentiator of the new product is that it features moving background assets to create a virtual environment as close to real life as possible. It also features additional angles, real time moment of excitement notifications from other tables and improved audio quality.

The current offering takes players to one of Mr Green’s houses – a penthouse in Los Angeles, but there are plans to feature different settings in future. “Who knows, in future we could perhaps play on his yacht in the Mediterranean, in his castle in Scotland, etc, etc,” said Karrbrink.

NetEnt CEO Per Eriksson said the company had developed some of the framework for the technology behind the product back in 2013, but that some of the features were “too far ahead” of the market at the time.

After forming a partnership to develop the fully immersive live dealer product, NetEnt and Mr Green split the development costs and Mr Green has exclusive rights for 12 months.

Mr Green’s studio for the product is located in Malta, where 30 dealers manage the blackjack and roulette tables.

Live Beyond Live has initially been launched on mobile and during the second quarter will be launched as a desktop solution.

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