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How to stand out: Tackling slot saturation with Belatra

| By iGB Editorial Team | Reading Time: 5 minutes
With hundreds of slots released every month, market saturation is a real cause for concern for game developers. The biggest challenge – how do you get your games in front of players and stand out from the crowd? Leading slots developer Belatra’s chief marketing officer, Kateryna Goi, believes there are several key areas in which developers must focus to ensure visibility.

“The question of saturation in the gaming industry is complex and multifaceted. While the market may seem crowded with numerous game providers and titles, there are several factors to consider.”

With the latest advancements in igaming technology, we are seeing a much faster stream of titles and igaming solutions entering the market. According to the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), player enjoyment of spinning slots is on the increase, with a total number of spins increasing by 11% from last year to almost 22 billion. For Q3 alone, this meant the gross gambling yield for slots reached a record £618m, an annual increase of 6%.

Kateryna is in agreement with this being a leading cause in market saturation and operator competition, “The issue of saturation in the igaming industry can be influenced by the pace at which providers introduce new titles. Several reasons contribute to the high interest in producing igaming titles at a rapid pace. The main reason is consumer demand and expectations – gaming preferences and trends can change rapidly.”

For game developers, the biggest challenge is achieving product visibility and an interest in their particular titles. So how has a leading igaming developer like Belatra solved the puzzle?

Attracting new customers in a saturated market

The first step for slot success is getting players to actively see and engage with a game. However, according to Egamingmonitor, more than 550 new games are added into a global database each month from over 600 studios. The average studio launches just under one game per month, making it an uphill battle for developers to get their games in front of their target audience.

For Belatra, being the first in-class to innovate is the perfect way to attract customer attention and hold an advantage over other developers. 

“Being among the first to offer a particular type of game or innovative feature can provide a competitive advantage and attract early adopters. New game releases can help retain existing players by providing them with ongoing entertainment and reasons to stay engaged, it can also serve as marketing tools to attract new players, especially if the titles offer unique features or themes”, Kateryna explains.

Creating a successful slots library: Belatra’s points of focus

 “The igaming industry is highly competitive, with numerous providers vying for player attention. Introducing new titles quickly allows providers to stay competitive and differentiate themselves from others.”

In response to the crowded market, differentiation has become key and something that  Belatra has focused on for its slots’ development. However, instead of simply flooding the market with titles, the team has shifted its focus to three key elements: market research, the quality of the slots and the launch timing.

Each game the company releases follows a meticulous process of development, ensuring it not only meets but exceeds industry standards. Kateryna explains, “In the realm of game development, we strive for a balance between speed and quality, regularly delighting players with new releases, while always closely monitoring quality and bringing to market only thoroughly tested products.”

At present, Belatra offers more than 80 slots games, including popular titles like MummyLand Treasures, Dragon’s Bonanza and Big Wild Buffalo. With a keen understanding of player preference, the game developer aims to release slots that hits the exact demand from the industry.

Market research: Power to the players

Belatra follows a data-driven approach to research as a way of identifying gaps, and as such has secured its position at the forefront of market expectations. “Tracking the popularity of a game title involves analysing various metrics to understand player engagement, reception, and overall success. The evaluation can indeed be done region by region, considering that gaming preferences can vary across different geographic locations,” Kateryna says.

“Based on such analytics, we determine the types, themes, features, and other aspects of future games. Ultimately, a successful game often results from a combination of market awareness, player engagement, and the creative vision of the development team.”

It’s clear that creating games with a user-centric design is not an afterthought for the team at Belatra. By focusing on player experience, intuitive interfaces, and engaging gameplay, the company has been able to captivate audiences and foster brand loyalty time and time again.

“We leverage user feedback and analytics data to identify areas for improvement and innovation – understanding user preferences and behaviour helps us in tailoring technological advancements to meet player expectations. We form strategic partnerships and stay updated on cybersecurity measures”.

“We will always release games on popular themes—it makes sense to offer players what aligns with their needs and desires at any given time.”

It’s no secret that certain themes stand the test of time and remain unlikely to wane in popularity. One such theme is the timeless classic “fruit” slot.

“It’s safe to say that the popularity of this theme has persisted for over a century – after all, the original “one-armed bandits” featured these fruity symbols,” says Kateryna.

However, to break through the noise of a saturated market, game creators should explore themes that resonate with players on a deeper level. She continues, “This could involve revisiting classic genres with a modern twist, exploring cultural or historical narratives, or introducing unique storytelling elements. By delivering themes that are distinct from the mainstream, our games can capture the attention of a diverse audience.”

Striking the balance between classic and innovative games

The decision to stick to popular themes or explore new and innovative ideas involves a balance of considerations, and both approaches come with their own set of advantages and risks. 

Kateryna explains, “If we come up with a new and perhaps unconventional idea, after conducting market analysis and profiling the player preference, we’re not afraid to launch a new, potentially atypical gaming product. Who knows, maybe tomorrow this very idea will become the new trend in the industry.”

“The key is to balance innovation with practicality and align technological investments with the overall goals of the company.”

Localising to reach new markets

Localisation, particularly in emerging regional markets, is a crucial element of games development. The problem faced by many operators is understanding the nuances of a region, not just on a translation level but identifying cultural and regional characteristics that may help customers familiarise themselves with a game.

Belatra operates in over 20 countries, establishing a prolific global footprint. This widespread presence allows the company to cater to diverse markets and adapt its offerings to meet the unique preferences of players worldwide.

One of the most labour-intensive and extensive stages for global success is translating each game into as many languages as possible. However, Kateryna believes that localisation is worth the hard graft. “Belatra Games has translated its games into 15 languages, making them accessible to players around the globe and allowing us to expand our coverage map with each new language.”

“We actively participate in specialised events worldwide, conduct monitoring, and analyse the specifics of different regions. This approach enables us to discover new markets within the industry.”

Keeping up with the technological innovations 

For Kateryna, keeping up with the latest technology innovations is imperative for a developer wanting to stand out from the crowd.

“Staying ahead of the game in the ever-evolving landscape of igaming production involves a proactive approach to technology adoption, innovation, and continuous improvement. “Ongoing technological advancements, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and cloud gaming, provide new opportunities for game developers to create unique and immersive experiences. This can contribute to the continual expansion of the industry.”

Game creators and solution providers have no choice but to invest in cutting-edge technologies to deliver immersive and competitive gaming experiences.

Kateryna says that at Belatra they’re already embracing modern technologies, “It’s entirely possible that they will indeed take a pivotal role not only in game development but also in most aspects of life in the future.”

“We are never afraid to try something new, integrating modern technologies into the development of our games.”

Kateryna Goi, Belatra’s Chief Marketing Officer

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