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Episode 31: All eyes on Brazil

| By Robin Harrison

Hugo rejoins Brendan Bussmann and Brandt Iden on the World Series of Politics to talk all things Brazil, starting with the progress towards regulated sports betting. The government has set out an ambitious timeline to launch the market by 1 January 2025 and it doesn’t have a track record of hitting its deadlines.

But Hugo argues there’s the will and the momentum to hit those dates – after a long wait, the legal market is almost here he says.

Land-based gaming headed to Brazil?

And the market is set to get even bigger, if movement in the Justice and Citizenship Commission (CCJ) is anything to go by.

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PL 2,234/2022, which paves the way for legal casinos, bingo and jogo de bicho among other products passed the committee by 14 votes to 12 a few days back. It’s now headed for the senate plenary and should pass unchanged as it sails straight through to the president’s desk.

Essentially Brazil’s online betting opportunity could be about to blossom into something much, much bigger for the gaming industry.

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