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Altenar improves Bet Boost feature

| By iGB Editorial Team
Improvements have gone live in time for operators to stand out from the crowd during a busy time of year in the sporting calendar.

Altenar’s sportsbook clients will be able to enjoy a massive upgrade to one of its key features this summer ahead of Euro 2024. The Bet Boost tool will give operators sufficient control to take charge of both player acquisition and retention during an action-packed period.

In football, the European Championship and Copa América will grab attention on opposite sides of the Atlantic while the Olympics and Wimbledon tennis tournament, plus major events in Formula One, golf and many other sports mean bookmakers want to be ready to shine this summer.

With the new Bet Boost tool, Altenar’s partners can focus more on what players care most about. And the operators will be able to customise the feature to better suit their needs rather than making a request.

The front end can be fully tailored to show specific boosts in various ways for certain periods of time and even have a visible countdown to when it expires.

Thanks to Altenar’s Player Account Management system (PAM), punters can be notified of any updates to boosts in real-time and decide if they want to take action.

Three different types of boost can be offered, with the standard boost reducing the margin on the chosen bet, while a 0% boost removes the margin completely. 

The biggest boost is at above fair odds and operators can customise the name of their offer. Whether it’s a Super Boost or a Golden Boost, showcasing boosted odds next to the regular odds can make a real difference to site traffic.

Boosts can be set up automatically by Altenar’s software with just a few simple clicks. This means that several boosts can be active at the same time by setting rules for when a boost will be active, which makes the procedure much more efficient.

“With our new Bet Boost tool, we are providing our sportsbook partners with unparalleled flexibility and control. Operators can now customise and automate boosts to engage players more effectively,” said Dinos Doxiadis, Altenar’s sportsbook product development manager.

“Our goal is to help operators stand out by allowing them to boost any selection from our sportsbook and control how and when these boosts are displayed. By incorporating options such as labels and countdowns, operators can create a sense of urgency and excitement, increasing user engagement while also significantly impacting user retention and acquisition.”

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