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Amusnet launches Type S Slot Cabinet series 

| By Rochelle Piggot
In February 2024, the international gaming provider Amusnet achieved another significant milestone as it advances towards a heightened standard of gaming excellence.

At ICE London, the global industry witnessed the official premiere of Amusnet’s Land-based product vertical. 

It is a culmination of Amusnet’s mission to provide a full spectrum of gaming entertainment, catering to a wider audience and diverse preferences. Moreover, this debut is a bold statement for the dedication to technology and innovation, elevating the company’s positioning as an all-casino solutions provider. The shift is followed by a new company slogan: “We Master Gaming” which amplifies the high level of expertise and solidifies Amusnet’s leading role in gaming globally.

Borislav Marinov, head of land-based business development at Amusnet, revealed the business reason behind the release of the new product vertical: “Since Amusnet has established a reputation as one of the most prominent international igaming providers, our strategic decision was to expand our portfolio and add products for the real casinos around the world. Considering our team’s previous experience, we have decided to utilise this knowledge in the best way possible, by developing a new product vertical and becoming a full-scale casino solutions supplier.”

Here you can watch the full interview with Marinov and Kaloyan Stoyankov, head of land-based R&D.  

Type S is fully internally developed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the land-based sector. It is a result of an impressive investment and two years of relentless dedication to R&D, technical design, construction, software and game portfolio precision. It is the company’s first-ever high-end slot cabinet series, manufactured according to the utmost standards of the global land-based casino industry. It brings together state-of-the-art technology, premium design and exceptional player engagement for an extraordinary gaming experience. 

As confirmed by Marinov, the sales of the Type S slot cabinets are expected to start in the months to come. The first markets to be targeted by the company include Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia and Serbia. Western Europe, Latin America and Asia will be part of the next expansion stage of Amusnet’s new product vertical.

Marinov is optimistic about the successful performance of the company’s new product vertical. He shared: “The interest we get in the cabinets is fantastic. After unveiling the new product vertical at ICE London 2024, we have been getting very positive feedback from partners and clients from Europe and Latin America. We eagerly anticipate embarking on a new chapter of Amusnet’s global business development.”