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Atlas-IAC rebrands as Atlaslive to tackle new era of igaming

| By iGB Editorial Team
Changes to branding developed in collaboration with the Banda agency.

Atlas-IAC has undergone a rebranding, resulting in a change of name and company design to Atlaslive, the dynamic igaming platform.

The main objective of the rebranding was to communicate the internal transformations as Atlaslive experiences rapid growth and continuous technological advancement, while also capturing the dynamic nature of the igaming market.

In today’s world, technology is not stagnant; rather, it embodies an ongoing process of evolution that resonates with the dynamism of the surroundings. This philosophy underscores the transition from Atlas-IAC to Atlaslive. The best tech is live tech. That’s why the company decided to embrace the concept of “live”. The descriptor of the company further reinforces this notion, emphasising its evolution into a dynamic igaming platform.

As a globally recognised leader in providing high-quality solutions for the igaming industry, Atlaslive is set to redefine the landscape with its innovative technology and unwavering dedication to excellence.

Maxim Slobodyanyuk, CEO of Atlaslive, said: “We are thrilled to introduce Atlaslive. The best tech is live tech. The success of any tech is the quality of connections between people. Our tech is a living entity, not static code. Imagine technology that breathes with the world, evolves, expands, changes, reacts and adapts to deliver the best results possible. All of this is embodied in Atlaslive.”

The company’s CEO added: “Our rebranding signifies a pivotal moment in our journey as we evolve alongside our global partners. Our strategy revolves around leadership in the igaming industry, expanding our solutions to enhance the igaming experience, making it more effective, profitable, responsible and intelligent. Atlaslive is a dynamic igaming platform that delivers unparalleled results and enriches every interaction.”

With a focus on trustworthiness, scalability, customisation, adaptiveness, sustainability and security, Atlaslive is poised to set new benchmarks in the igaming industry and beyond. Experience the impulse of innovation with Atlaslive.

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