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BetCloud by BetConstruct’s game-changing offer for the betting industry

| By iGB Freelance

Stretching the limits of possibilities once again, BetConstruct introduces BetCloud – a one-of-a-kind B2B platform that redefines the betting landscape.

BetCloud is an innovative sensation that allows operators to accept bets beyond established limits while seamlessly sharing and minimising any arising risks. The genius formula of the product is fairly simple: when a bet exceeds an operator’s predefined limits, BetCloud steps in to handle the excess, allowing the operator to retain what’s within their set limits while routing the rest directly to BetCloud.

To gain access to BetCloud, partners must first deposit an agreed-upon amount into their BetCloud Bank account. All further transactions will be smoothly managed through this account.

Inside the cloud, for each winning bet, the partner loses only the amount they took based on the initial odds. For each lost bet, the partner receives the amount they have taken, ensuring fairness and transparency.

This unique approach ensures operators remain competitive, with increased revenue and risk-free expanded sportsbook limits. It’s the answer to attracting high-stake bets and VIP players while upholding responsible gaming practices.

BetConstruct’s BetCloud is the future of betting, ushering in a new era of possibilities and responsible gaming.