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Beter launches brand-new iframe solution

| By Laura Gumbrell
New offering from leading content and data provider Beter reinvents the esports betting experience and provides the industry with an exciting and engaging user experience.

Being a next-gen, player-oriented company, Beter has developed a bespoke and engagement-oriented UI that not only allows users to place bets but also creates a Twitch-like experience with only the most popular, highest quality esports events.

Discussing its new solution, Beter’s chief product officer, Alex Lobov, said: “At Beter, we believe that when it comes to the new generation of players, operators should apply radically new approaches that are not just betting and revenue-oriented but also drive engagement. With our plug-and-play iframe, Beter’s partners get a bespoke solution supported by our IT professionals, traders and risk managers, allowing them to engage their audiences and enhance customer experience efficiently.

Iframe solutions available on the market are all lookalikes in terms of the user interface. Usually, they are not targeted at a specific esports audience and offer the same betting experience we all used to see on sportsbooks. Our team has reinvented the esports betting experience to meet all needs of the new generation of players and give them even more exciting opportunities.”

According to Beter, the brand-new iframe interface will attract a wider audience of esports fans looking for their favourite and fast matches. This solution has a winning combination of its UI/UX, a wide selection of global esports tournaments, and the most accurate odds and markets.

“Our team designed an iframe solution with a responsive and user-friendly UI that allows switching between traditional and fresh esports views to engage all possible audiences, be it bettors who prefer classic sportsbook UI or next-gen players,” Lobov added.

The solution’s backend provides operators with all the necessary tools to manage their operations. In addition to an innovative UI that can be customised, Beter’s iframe provides operators with a lightning-fast integration process.