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Delasport and BeyondPlay unite efforts to skyrocket player engagement

| By iGB Freelance

Leading igaming supplier Delasport partners with multiplayer and jackpot engagement software developer BeyondPlay to boost the player experience of Delasport’s licensees.

Delasport is about to introduce a cross-casino-provider jackpot system, powered by BeyondPlay, allowing casino players to play the games they like with the thrill of an overarching jackpot.

This partnership gives Delasport’s licensees the ability to create different types of jackpots to increase player engagement and retention. The main configurations are Progressive, Community, Time-Based, Event-based and Amount-based. The content-agnostic jackpot can be applied to any casino game, including live casino ones.

The new addition is a logical next step for Delasport since it aligns with the company’s overall strategy of revolutionising player engagement and retention in igaming. The announcement is part of a series of retention-related news and improvements, including the introduction of player engagement tools and Delasport’s proprietary My Era suite. The latter proved to be a game-changer with retention skyrocketing after the implementation of My Sportsbook, My Event Builder and If Bet for sports betting operator and the upcoming In-Game Booster Panel and the personalisation feature My Casino.

Delasport is taking the jackpot to new heights by offering it on any RNG or live casino game which features real-time jackpot data and interactive jackpot win animations within the game screen.

“We, at Delasport, have an official duty to provide our partners with the means to go beyond content and elevate the players’ betting experience. Partnering up with BeyondPlay is yet another way we are advancing towards this goal,” said Delasport’s CEO Oren Cohen Shwartz regarding the deal.

“Our partners will soon be able to offer their players a cross-provider jackpot on any casino and live casino game. Their players will be able to play any of their favourite games with the option to also hit the jackpot. In addition, our partners have the flexibility to choose between network and local jackpot pools that will guarantee that when the jackpot is blown the winner will be one of their players.”

Also commenting on the new partnership, Delasport’s head of casino, Ralitsa Zareva, said: “Working with BeyondPlay proved to be a real pleasure and we’re excited to show our licensees and their players the end result. We’re very serious about player engagement and retention and the cross-provider jackpot is just the latest proof of our commitment.”

BeyondPlay’s COO, Jacqui Gatt, shared the same notion: “This collaboration marks a significant milestone for BeyondPlay as we join forces with Delasport and provide our cutting-edge jackpot software on their powerful platform.

“Through this partnership, we’re enabling Delasport and its licensees to create their very own exclusive jackpots and harness the full potential of BeyondPlay’s jackpot software.

“We are confident that this partnership will not only elevate the players’ gaming experience, but also provide Delasport with a competitive edge in the market. Together, we look forward to delivering a world-class gaming experience that exceeds the expectations of both operators and players alike.”