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EveryMatrix’s NGO expands activity into two new educational Romanian centres

| By Guy Parsons
Project forms part of its long-term CSR project Kids Academy

The two new centres add to the existing three in Bucharest, Romania, and are operated in partnership with the local Child Protective Services. The programmes provide access to high-quality education for children at social risk. The kids are tutored by EveryMatrix’s full-time teachers in disciplines such as computer science, maths and English.

Since launching in 2015, Kids Academy has provided access to quality education for over 200 pupils between the ages of 8 and 15.

Kids Academy’s mission is to help pupils continue their studies into higher education despite social inequality, and to assist children at risk of dropping out of school. At the very least, the programme ensures basic computer literacy, which typically is not provided in their homes or schools. The programme is operated under the strong belief that investment in education can break social barriers and improve kids’ lives in the long-term by equipping them with the hard and soft skills requested on the job market.

Commenting on the news, Ebbe Groes, Group CEO of EveryMatrix, said: “We have been dedicated to supporting educational causes since 2015. Kids Academy is a project I value very much and seeing the impact it had over the years makes our team here very happy. The activity in the two new centres will make it possible to aid even more children. Our teachers provide much-needed support and help the pupils have better paths in life.”

Kids Academy had continued to provide ongoing support to the beneficiaries, in the form of online classes, live workshops held at EveryMatrix’s headquarters, and tutoring, since March 2020 when the schools and educational centres in Romania transitioned to an online or hybrid system. Kids Academy’s activity is fully compliant with governmental public health policies for Covid-19 to keep both pupils and teachers safe.