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Fast Track celebrates Great Place to Work certification for second consecutive year

| By iGB Freelance
Great Place to Work recognised Fast Track as one of the Great Place to Work certified companies in tech for the second consecutive year, expanding recognition to include the Sweden-based team.
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Fast Track, a technology company in the igaming industry, has secured two country-specific certifications as a Great Place to Work for 2023-24. The prestigious certification evaluates companies through the perspectives of current employees, gauging their sentiments about their workplace.

Fast Track believes in the positive impact of high employee trust and engagement on business performance and chose Great Place to Work to gain valuable insights into enhancing the workplace culture and drive better business outcomes.

For the second year running, Fast Track has achieved a remarkable trust index score of 91%, earning certification for both its offices in Malta and Sweden. This impressive trust index score places Fast Track 33 points above the average work experience and among the very best workplaces in Europe and Sweden – a country with an earned reputation for its commitment to creating a supportive, balanced and equitable work environment that values employee well-being, safety and engagement.

The certification reinforces Fast Track’s position as a world-class employer, as well as its commitment to providing an exceptional workplace experience for all employees globally. Commenting on this achievement, chief people officer at Fast Track Jenny Arnell said: “Building on last year’s exceptional trust index results was no small feat. We understood that maintaining such a high score during our rapid growth presented a real challenge. Since last year, we’ve navigated expected growth challenges to our culture and organisation and we have placed extra effort to keep our focus on our shared vision and values, as well as finding strategies to meet capacity needs.

“Although we have hired a lot of people and grown the teams significantly, the results remain incredible, highlighting the value return of our commitment to culture, trust and employee engagement. We’re motivated to keep adapting our culture, maintain open communication, prioritise employee well-being and focus on customer success while implementing scalable processes for our growing company.”

“Earning the Great Place To Work certification is a significant accomplishment which underscores consistent and deliberate commitment to providing an outstanding employee experience,” said Linda Löfman, senior consultant at Great Place to Work, Sweden.

“Achieving 91% on the trust index score is an impressive result which demonstrates unwavering dedication to creating an exceptional workplace experience. This remarkable achievement, coupled with their 100% response rate, is a testament to an exceptional level of employee engagement. Earning this designation means that Fast Track is one of the best companies to work for in Sweden and Malta.”

Great Place to Work’s research has consistently shown that high-trust organisations with strong camaraderie outperform their peers and have lower turnover rates, making camaraderie not just a nice-to-have but a strategic imperative for organisational success. Fast Track’s remarkable camaraderie score is a celebration of the company’s ability to protect the vision, create clarity and provide direction to internal teams.