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FeedConstruct introduces new exclusive sports varieties

| By iGB Editorial Team
Sports data giant adds compound archery and pistol H2H shooting to its roster.
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FeedConstruct has announced the launch of two brand-new, unprecedented sports varieties: compound archery and pistol H2H shooting. The pair, which have never been seen before, will revolutionise the way we think about archery and shooting.

Compound archery uses a pulley and cable lever system to create a more efficient bow, resulting in faster and more accurate shots. This exciting sport was first incorporated into the World Archery Championship programme in the late twentieth century and has since captured the attention of archers around the world. Matches are decided on the cumulative score, with the aim of achieving the highest number of points at the end of the regulation number of arrows. Each individual match lasts for 15 arrows, with five sets and three shots per set.

Pistol H2H shooting uses a single-loaded pistol in 4.5mm calibre. The air pistol events were first introduced on the World Championship level in 1970 and on the Olympic programme in 1988. In pistol H2H shooting, score zones are divided into tenths, allowing for a maximum score of 10.9 instead of the traditional 10 in individual pistol shooting. This makes for an even more intense and competitive game, perfect for both athletes and spectators alike.

With the launch of compound archery and pistol H2H shooting, FeedConstruct is once again pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of sports. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from FeedConstruct in the future!