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Fonbet reveals details of Real Madrid tie-up

| By Guy Parsons
Two sides announce the start of a partnership in Russia and the CIS countries

Fonbet has become the official betting partner of Real Madrid. The long-term agreement is for the next three years up to the end of 2022/23 season.

Fonbet is working on some unique promotions for its customers. These activities will include draws of exclusive prizes from Real Madrid and bonuses from the company, increased odds and extended action line on the Royal Club games, events on social media and other various surprises.

Commenting on the news, Alexander Paramonov, Fonbet CEO, said: “We are very excited about becoming the official partner of Real Madrid in Russia and the CIS. Real Madrid is one of the most titled and world-known football clubs. It has a rich history and solid reputation.

Real Madrid sets out to win every game and to give an example of fair play and beautiful football. Fonbet is the leading company on the CIS betting market and aims to be the best at what they do. I believe that our partnership with Real Madrid will be productive and beneficial to all.”

Alina Yakirevich, Fonbet chief marketing officer, said: “Real Madrid is much more than a football club – it’s a top brand. Its shirts are sold all over the world, the club operates its own restaurants and shops and takes part in social and charitable projects.

We plan to work actively not only in Russia, but also in CIS regions where Fonbet is located – Belarus and Kazakhstan. Our partnership goal with Real Madrid is to create a unique football experience for the club’s supporters and football fans all around the world.”