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Galaxsys launches new game, Totem

| By iGB Editorial Team
Slot provider introduces Totem, the most dramatic game release in its fast and skill games portfolio.

Galaxsys, the non-traditional slot provider of fast and skill games, has announced its newest release, Totem, which is now available to operators and tier-one aggregators.

Totem is a unique and thrilling board game where players move forward by rolling the dice, determining the number of steps taken within the game. The game provides players with the perfect combination of strategy and luck to provide an immersive playability experience and the chance to hit a payoff.

Commenting on the new release, Gil Soffer, senior vice-president of sales and business development, said: “Totem is the newest game addition to our portfolio of 26 fast and skill games that includes a range of instant, crash, mines and Plinko games which are available in multiple regulated markets to over 100+ global partners.

“The Totem game has been designed to include bonus functionalities intended for player engagement and to increase the marketing toolkits available for partners. These include dynamic animations, including in-game engagement features such as free bet and free amount bonuses, which provide an option to award bonuses to the players, with terms set by the operator.

“Our game architecture includes hash-based cryptographic verification technology that ensures that the outcome of the games is entirely random. At the end of each game, players are allowed to confirm the randomness of the results. For true randomness, Galaxsys only uses the most reliable and high-end random number generator technologies in all our games – for example, we deploy the quantum random number generators from the world-leader in quantum-safe crypto solutions – ID Quantique. We are positive our partners shall ‘roll’ this game out to their players to enjoy.”