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Galaxsys launches player revenue optimisation features

| By iGB Freelance

Galaxsys, a rising star in the fast and skill games vertical, has announced the roll-out of its Leaderboard and Lighting bonus features for operators to increase player engagement and in-game sessions.

The brand has been making waves in the igaming market with various digital product features and enhancements all designed for player revenue optimisation for partners.  

Senior vice-president of sales and business development, Gil Soffer, said: “We are fully committed to delivering the best features possible for a standout in today’s fast-paced igaming market. Our focus is driven by how we can enhance player engagement and in-game sessions, which lead to increased revenue opportunities for our partner operators and improve the player experience.

“In the launch of our leaderboard, the principal aim is in-game, real-time notifications between the brand and the player to facilitate a higher player experience based on our portfolio of 20+ games.

“Further to this, we have introduced another feature called Lighting Bonus which provides cashback functionality, which is hugely popular at the player-level for extended the game sessions, through enhanced player engagement as small-and-often wins complement the risk reward psychology behaviour that players seek.

“At the end of the year, it will be expanded to include our 30 new crash, plinko, mines, tower, turbo and other games, thus increasing the marketing tool-kit available for customer revenue optimisation campaigns for our partner operators.”