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GiG Media unveils rebrand following spinoff announcement from Gaming Innovation Group

| By iGB Editorial Team
Company will from now on be trademarked under Gentoo Media, and will operate under the name Gentoo

Today marks the day of the official launch of GiG Media’s rebrand following the announcement of the spinoff from Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) platform and sportsbook.

GiG Media has undergone a rebranding process in light of the spinoff and will now operate as an independent brand, Gentoo Media.

While introducing our new company name, along with our new logo and visual identity we ensure that Gentoo remains the same great affiliate, with the same great people,and the same great brands that we have become recognised for.

The rebrand marks a significant milestone in the company’s history in becoming a standalone business in the second half of 2024, continuing a track record of dominating the igaming affiliate market with 13 successive quarters with all-time high revenue and strong EBITDA-margin reaching 48% in the last quarter.

Gentoo will continue to focus on unwavering commitment to deliver superior results, growth and sustainable long-term partnerships, ensuring partners that with Gentoo, you get more.

The new company name Gentoo Media pays tribute to GiG Media’s Rebel Penguin heritage, as Gentoo is an Antarctic penguin species known for prospering by coming together as a unit to survive and thrive. Gentoo further symbolises the next generation of the company’s legacy, opening a new chapter while continuing its path as a market leading affiliate, shaping the future of affiliation.

GiG Media will from today be found under a new array of assets under the Gentoo brand. Please visit the website www.gentoomedia.com and the LinkedIn page Gentoo Media to find out more.

“The launch of our new brand is a big milestone for us in the process of separating GiG Media from Gaming Innovation Group,” said CEO Jonas Warrer. “Gentoo has been created with all our partners and employees in mind, ensuring to communicate an accurate and genuine view of ourselves, the business and what we stand for and believe in. The launch of Gentoo marks a new era and we couldn’t be more excited for the future prospects of the business.”

Mikael Harstad, chairman of the board, said: “The rebrand of GiG Media marks a pivotal moment in the separation of Gaming Innovation Group into two independent businesses and is a vital step in the process of increasing shareholder value. The launch of Gentoo is a testament to the organisation’s dedication in delivering superior quality and results in every aspect of the business, and is setting the company off to a great start.”