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Gluecksspielwesen.de announces sports betting advertising webinar

| By iGB Editorial Team
Panel to debate possible stop on sports betting advertising – is this only the beginning of a far-reaching event?
Gluecksspielwesen.de webinar image

On 13 April the English Premier League collectively agreed to withdraw gambling sponsorship on teams’ matchday shirts from the start of the 2026-27 season. Immediately this decision was taken the debate in Germany about putting a stop to sports betting advertising flared up again, initiated by Bremen’s senator of the interior, Ulrich Mäurer.

It is possible to dismiss this. However, preferably, one can instead take a serious look at gambling advertising across both the terrestrial and online sectors because, naturally, debate can spill rapidly over from the former to the latter.

Therefore, Gluecksspielwesen.de is committed to the various aspects of online gambling advertising. There are many questions to answer and these will be addressed in the webinar.

For example, as online offers are now legal, what are the aims and attendant restrictions of advertising as delineated in the new State Treaty on Gambling? Those who want to fulfil their channelling mandate in accordance with the State Treaty must be allowed, indeed obligated, to adequately advertise their legal offers. Only in this way can interested gamblers be guided towards legal sites.

Furthermore, the question of which paths are open and which are inadmissible in the opinion of the licensing authority – the Joint Gambling Supervision Authority of the Länder (GGL) – needs to be understood. Clarification is also needed as to what is possible, what should be possible and what is, perhaps, not possible at all.

Finally, what repercussions do the above questions have on player protections on the one hand and the economic viability of legal offers on the other?

These exciting questions are the focus of the online webinar from gluecksspielwesen.de with professional support from Hambach and Hambach, which will be held on 27 April 2023, from 10am-12pm CET (9am-11am BST). The top-class speakers on the panel are:

Sebastian Buchholz, head of department licences and supervision legal gambling, GGL
Karl Friedrich Ballendat, consultant for advertising, GGL
Lisa Rathmann, consultant illegal gambling, GGL
Hendrik Bermpohl, policy officer principle affairs for illegal gambling, GGL
Yannick Skulski, salary partner, Hambach & Hambach
Phillip Beumer, senior associate, Hambach & Hambach
Johannes Singer M.A., gambling research centre, University of Hohenheim
Nico Reußenzehn, country manager Germany at Rootz Ltd
Dr. Sven Jung, head of economic intelligence, Handelsblatt Research Institute

Please note this webinar will be conducted in German.