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Nanocosmos updates ultra-low latency live streaming solution nanoStream Cloud

| By Aaron Noy

Nanocosmos has updated its ultra-low latency live streaming solution nanoStream Cloud with adaptive bitrate playback, live transcoding and analytics.

The product is used by service providers to stream content to large audiences while letting viewers interact. Now with significant additional features, it reaches a new level of quality of experience of interactive live streams, which allow the audience to deliver feedback via return channels such as chat, Q&A, polling or purchasing. They become relevant for a wide range of platforms or scenarios such as gaming sites, auctioning, live events, webcasts, town hall meetings or public hearings.

Upgrading the player by adding adaptive bitrate playback represents a major milestone for the strong growing niche industry of ultra-low latency live streaming. The feature that the stream takes around one second from “glass to glass” while delivering adaptive streaming, used to be an exclusive one to regular streaming solutions. Global reach and a stable stream on all devices (including iOS and iPadOS) is now available for ultra-low latency live streaming – delivered in around one second. The stream may be transcoded to lower variants so even less connected environments can access the stream without buffering issues, providing a smooth experience to the viewer. A demonstration of the newly achieved viewer experience has been shared here.

Live streaming analytics, now part of Nanocosmos’ solution nanoStream Cloud, provides the ability to monitor performance and provide actionable information for technical support and executives. Be it latency, buffering, geographic location or global reach, in-depth understanding of it reveals issues and helps improve user experience. Platform operators and service providers can optimise their ultra-low latency user experience on any device, regardless of the source’s geographic location.

2020 has revealed new scenarios and industries that can take advantage of ultra-low latency (interactive) live streaming: live concerts, public hearings and town hall meetings have utilised nanoStream Cloud to engage their audiences. The product displays the potential of a mainstream solution yet the critical point remains ultra-low latency to enable viewers to interact.

Oliver Lietz, CEO and founder of Nanocosmos, said: “Ultra-low latency live streaming has enabled communication with large audiences. During the lockdown it was utilised to overcome the distance and to reach people remotely while letting them interact with the presenter. With new customers, now from large corporations and new scenarios like live concerts, we see this as the step towards a mainstream solution. We’re excited to introduce enhancements to ensure that service providers can deliver an interactive video experience.”