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Slotegrator reveals details of its new Casino Builder feature

| By Guy Parsons
Module, which allows operators to easily customise their casino frontends, forms part of Slotegrator’s revamped turnkey online casino platform.

Slotegrator, a leading provider of software and API products for the igaming industry, recently launched its updated turnkey online casino platform. Among the platform’s new and improved modules is the Casino Builder feature, which allows operators to quickly, easily and independently customise their casino’s frontend.

Casino Builder’s simple tools empower operators to make any number of alterations to their gambling site. In the platform’s back office, operators will find everything they need to build their site’s lobby – they can easily design the lobby’s layout, choosing how to display providers, payment methods, text, banners, etc. There’s an endless list of frontend elements operators can work with to fulfil their vision and tackle whatever challenges confront them.

Operators can also use a set of ready-made casino frontend presets to deploy the project in just 3 clicks. These templates are developed based on a careful analysis of a typical user’s behaviour on an online casino site, as well as the visual preferences of the gambling community.

How it works

1. The operator receives the platform API with a control system and already integrated game content and payment solutions.

2. Slotegrator installs the Casino Builder module to create an individual site interface.

3. The operator chooses one of the available visual templates or develops his own design.

4. The operator independently configures the interface by choosing templates and filling his site with content.

5. The operator manages the frontend, making adjustments or expanding the functionality of his online casino at any time without having to contact the software developer.

What does Casino Builder do for operators?

In short, Casino Builder offers an ease and efficiency that frees operators up to focus more on strategy and less on problem-solving.

Having full control of a project eliminates the possibility of miscommunication. Instead of trying to convey an idea to a development team, waiting for them to execute it, and then finding out they somehow got the wrong idea, the operator simply implements their own vision. The operator has total control, down to the smallest detail: they can change colours, fonts, and various other design elements, both saving time and money on independent platform design development and ensuring the correct result.

Casino Builder offers a set of easy-to-use tools so that operators can comfortably and efficiently work on their website’s frontend regardless of their level of computer literacy. They can manage localisation settings, create new web pages, contact forms and other web elements, integrate additional extensions, and more – all without having to run their idea through a development team.

Slotegrator’s turnkey solution offers the ability to run an unlimited number of sites, enabling operators to face diverse markets around the world. Casino Builder has a single administration panel for managing multiple projects, each of which can be customised to suit the target market. This flexibility ensures that players everywhere receive a localised gaming experience.

Casino Builder is just one of many modules that make Slotegrator’s turnkey platform such a powerful and effective solution for running an online casino. Operators can also count on game content, payment tools, a bonus module and more.

Slotegrator’s technical team will continue to improve the new platform, especially the Casino Builder module. The platform runs on a unified system: online casino operators use a single version of the product, and all the company’s customers get access to updates at the same time.