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Slotegrator updates the risk management module on its platform

| By Guy Parsons
New module consolidates many innovative mechanics and provides operators with the information they need to protect their online casino.

Gambling is inherently risky, but most of that risk should fall on the player, not the operator. To minimise their exposure to risk, operators need to closely monitor player behaviour.

It’s standard practice for casinos to offer new players bonuses to welcome them to the platform. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for players to abuse these bonus offers by creating multiple accounts, flying through the rollover requirements, and cashing out.

Bonus abuse techniques have become highly sophisticated, with individuals and even syndicates using multiple computers, VPNs and falsified or borrowed identities to fly under operators’ radar.

Combating abuse is difficult. Bonus abusers will claim they were simply engaging in normal play. Platforms that take too firm a hand in defending themselves might earn an undeserved reputation for being unreasonable if they mistakenly exclude well-intentioned players; platforms that don’t do enough to prevent abuse will become known as a soft target.

Slotegrator’s updated risk management module aggregates and compares data in order to identify bonus abusers. The module displays a list of accounts that have exceeded the permitted information duplication threshold (accounting for names, IP addresses and other identifying information), signalling that the account owner may not be trustworthy and the account should be restricted or banned.

The module analyses players’ data in real time to present casino owners with comprehensive statistics and alerts about suspicious accounts in an easily digestible way so operators can take the right measures in advance. Slotegrator’s updated risk management module gives operators everything they need to protect their business from fraud and abuse. Additionally, Slotegrator’s platform has recently introduced other updated modules such as bonus system, KYC and innovative BI reporting tools.