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Softswiss Casino platform’s frontend template cuts design time threefold

| By iGB Editorial Team
Company unveils its ‘Super Casino’ design template, helping operators create unique frontend designs that can be launched three times faster than before.

The Super Casino template is a design constructor that lets operators customise the frontend of their casino. The tool offers a variety of content blocks and elements for each screen, multiplying the number of possible designs. For example, the first screen alone has five different options for the required elements. Using this functionality, operators can balance speed and design quality.

About the announcement, Darya Avtukhovich, head of Softswiss Casino Platform, said: “This useful update is the result of our strategic commitment towards making all setup processes easier and faster. The Softswiss Casino setup and design teams conducted extensive research to capture the current trends in online casino design, along with studying the experience of other industries to offer our partners the best possible solution. We are confident to boast designs that are both stylish and optimised and will help our partners acquire and retain players.”

The Super Casino template is a viable alternative to designing a casino website from scratch. The template can be leveraged by the professional designers in the Softswiss design team (WebStudio) to help casino operators launch their websites faster and more affordably compared to managing in-house or outsourced design teams.

Olga Ivanchik, Head of Softswiss setup team, added: “The Super Casino template offers significant time savings over other options. The site constructor allows you to combine the blocks in a way that creates a bespoke casino design that is tailored to the operator’s specific needs. More than that, it comes at a significantly lower cost than a conventional design process.”