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SoftSwiss moves to ReactJS for frontend development

| By Guy Parsons
SoftSwiss clients’ websites are able to load faster and become more versatile, providing a better user experience

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SoftSwiss has launched its very first white label project on ReactJS – N1 Casino, moving to a next-generation frontend core application that is significantly quicker and more flexible in execution. Thanks to the new React-based frontend architecture, .

Commenting on the news, Max Trafimovich, CCO at SoftSwiss, said: “SoftSwiss is always working hard on enhancing its products, striving to turn out the most user-friendly and appealing solutions on the market. We’re excited to introduce N1 as the first project out of many to be launched using the ReactJS framework. This marks a frontend technology shift for all of our product development units”.

Yaroslav Laptev, deputy CEO of N1 Partners Casino & Betting Group, commented: “Thanks to the introduction of React technology, the processes for launching new projects have been greatly simplified. Furthermore, the release of new tools for user interaction has become much easier. From now on, we’re expecting that all our future endeavours will run only on this core application.”

React is one of the most popular technologies today, being truly the next-generation framework. It is considerably quicker, therefore enabling less traffic consumption for SoftSwiss online casino platform end-users as well as increasing the overall performance and enhancing the user experience on online casino websites. Furthermore, the development teams will find the transition to React JS extremely straightforward and smooth due to the similar syntax for rendering.

Additionally, the fresh React-based frontend core is also functionally more favourable for SEO, which gives yet another edge to SoftSwiss-powered websites. Along with basic features common in, for instance, WordPress CMS such as editing page meta information, the core application works with more specific SEO tags and provides advanced features such as creating custom URLs for certain page sections.

React Core application also provides new functionality to quickly clone an already existing solution, significantly accelerating the development process for a new client project as well as minimising setup errors probability.

Finally, the move to this new framework will ensure more frequent releases of new frontend features available to SoftSwiss clients. The core application is designed in a way that makes adding new functionality more efficient and less time-consuming.