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SoftSwiss reaches record €5bl total bets

| By Elena Carruthers

The SoftSwiss Game Aggregator has reached a record-breaking euro of total bets two months after peaking at over €4bl in March 2021. This new achievement marks astonishing growth for the game aggregator, which has doubled the number of bets within nine months. 

This achievement is a new landmark for the development of the SoftSwiss brand. The growth was boosted by a major increase in promotional activities from the side of game aggregator’s crypto brands in May. It also links to the growing popularity and share of crypto gambling in general. 

Moreover, the number of bets also skyrocketed due to major growth of several recently-launched SoftSwiss Online Casino Platform brands operating on the Maltese White Label license. 

Furthermore, the milestone of €5bl total bets comes earlier than it was forecasted in Q1 2021. The SoftSwiss game aggregator strives to establish trustworthy relationships with game providers to enable clients to conduct the most effective promotional activities. 

Tatyana Kaminskaya, game aggregator team lead at SoftSwiss, comments on this achievement: “The SoftSwiss game aggregator keeps on surprising as it continues to beat records – only two months ago we celebrated €4bl and last week we welcomed €5bl. The game aggregator solution keeps growing  – in less than a year we got to double the number of partners and are now working closely with more than 130 top game providers all over the world. We’re always looking ahead and thinking big, so we’re just getting started!”

The SoftSwiss game aggregator provides a stable and secure all-in-one solution for igaming clients. The game aggregator delivers more than 11,000 games, with 3,000 of them being fully optimised for crypto.