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SoftSwiss Sportsbook adds 5 new types of betting odds for international players

| By Daniel O'Boyle
The SoftSwiss Sportsbook diversifies its betting odds offering by launching five new options for players. This adds British, Hong Kong, American, Indonesian and Malaysian odds types to the current European format. This will further boost the convenience and user-friendliness of the betting platform ahead of the summer’s large-scale sporting events.

With the Ice Hockey World Championship commencing on May 21st, the SoftSwiss Sportsbook is adding new functionality which will provide an even more immersive and convenient betting experience to its players. These newly-added types of betting odds will further diversify the sports betting experience as well as help expand the geographical market reach for the B2B clients of the betting platform. Their players will now be able to play using convenient odds formats in any region.
Alexander Kamenetskyi, product owner of SoftSwiss Sportsbook noted: “Our Sportsbook team is working very hard to innovate and expand the functionality of our rather young yet rapidly developing product. We’re always focused on the main market trends and are consistently keeping an eye out on the needs of our clients and their players. We strive to deliver the most secure, reliable and user-friendly solution on the market. Ahead of such a big summer of sports events, we’re working on maximizing the potential of our betting platform to be able to deliver the best betting experience to everyone.”
This the latest in a line of recent innovations for SoftSwiss Sportsbook – it has very recently launched new player features Quickbet, Betcashout, Maxstake and Betbuilder. It also announced the launch of American league in-play live bets. Moreover, just prior to the start of the Indian Premier League, the Sportsbook introduced a premium cricket option enabling players to place bets on 30 various events in more than 100 different markets.
The SoftSwiss sportsbook platform is an all-in-one solution for managing sports betting operations. The solution comes with full risk management, fraud prevention and high-quality customer support. The Sportsbook inherits the company’s extensive experience in the igaming market and all crucial functionality from the SoftSwiss Online Casino Platform: security, stability, advanced player segmentation and adaptability to operator marketing needs.