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Softswiss reports 78% of H1 Sportsbook bets made on mobile

| By Rochelle Piggot

Average bet on live events placed through company’s sports betting software platform now commands double the value of its pre-match counterpart

In terms of statistics, the following sports have gained the highest popularity for bets through the platform:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis

Alexander Kamenetskyi, head of Softswiss Sportsbook, comments: “The leading trio in sports by the bet sum holds no surprise, yet esports continues its remarkable expansion. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has consolidated its position among the top 10 sports with a staggering 339% year-on-year surge in bets and a remarkable 388% increase in the bet sum.

“Following closely are League of Legends and DOTA 2, shining in the realm of cybersports. This is a reminder for us to keep an eye on cybersports as the momentum continues to grow.”

Speaking about betting channels, 78.3% of all bets were made via mobile devices, with only 21.7% attributed to desktop usage. Coupled with the statistics that 61.5% of all bets revolve around live events, and the average live event bet is twice that of pre-match wagers, the imperative for mobile adaptation and an engaging live betting environment becomes all the more pronounced.

In response, the Softswiss Sportsbook has taken the initiative to develop a mobile application and now offers it to its partners.

According to the statistics, combo bets exhibit an average wager that is twice as high as that of single bets. Considering this fact, the Softswiss Sportsbook team advocates for the strategic utilisation of such bonuses as Comboboost to incentivise players towards placing more combo bets.

Kamenetskyi concludes: “I am deeply gratified by the substantial expansion we have achieved. During the first half of 2023, the GGR soared by 769%, while the turnover rose by 254% year-on-year. This remarkable progress attests to the ongoing adept enhancements made by the Softswiss Sportsbook team to the betting platform.

“I extend my gratitude to my colleagues for their unwavering dedication and enthusiasm and to our partners for their trust and the mutually advantageous collaboration we’ve fostered.”

The Softswiss Sportsbook offers a diverse selection of unique industry bonuses, along with the ability to launch captivating jackpot campaigns and tournaments. With the recent enhancements to the sportsbook’s content management framework, partners can seamlessly and swiftly tailor and adjust all categories of content on their sports betting websites. This empowers a flawless avenue for personalisation and adaptability. The Softswiss Sportsbook functionality effortlessly harmonises with nearly all casino platforms available in the market.