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SpinCity signs with Flows

| By iGB Editorial Team
Flows to accelerate SpinCity’s product roadmap through its award-winning no-code innovation platform.
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Casino and sportsbook software supplier SpinCity Solutions has signed a partnership agreement with Flows for the provision of its no-code integration & automation platform. The partnership will enable SpinCity to build features and applications without code and increase innovation via Flow’s innovative automation technology.

Flows support businesses by speeding up development and simplifying integrations through a single interface and workflow automation tool. Integrating Flows with SpinCity’s platform enables innovative and fast delivery of new features and applications without code and with ease. Orchestrating different data points from multiple systems and triggers in one place will allow operators to accelerate go-to-market features and integration opportunities while reducing development time and operational costs.

Flows was built to be the most agnostic piece of software on the market that can sit alongside any other technology a business has in order to enable it to innovate freely and without constraint. The debut of Flo, Flows’ voice-activated AI software development tool, marks a pivotal point in digital product development, allowing clients and partners to bring forth innovations swiftly without the encumbrances of conventional development constraints.

James King, CEO at Flows, said: “We’re happy to announce our partnership with SpinCity, a prominent leader in the igaming space. It’s great to see such innovative businesses recognising the significance and the benefits that Flows can bring to them. We look forward to working with SpinCity in utilising our cutting-edge tech to innovate, engage customers and maintain their competitive edge.”