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SSTrader releases world-first AI betting chatbot

| By iGB Editorial Team
Super Sports Predictor gives bettors a new and engaging way to formulate wagers on their favourite teams and matches.
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A powerful AI chatbot that predicts the outcomes of soccer matches in real time is set to take the sports betting market by storm.

The Super Sports Predictor, developed over three years by SSTrader, uses powerful machine learning based on a vast dataset. Harnessing this, the app gives users real-time predictions for popular outcomes such as match winner, half-time winner, under/over bets, corners, card counts and more. It even provides a detailed analysis of games.

It’s the first sports and gaming-related AI app released on the OpenAI marketplace, further expanding SSTrader’s innovative and market-leading AI software suite.

Boris Chaikin, industry veteran, former CEO of Soft2Bet & now the strategic adviser and partner of SSTrader, commented: “We are proud and thrilled to be the first company launching an AI-powered sports analytics chatbot – the Super Sports Predictor.

“This is simply the first and most imminent iteration of our in-house built AI engine, with more apps and products to follow soon in 2024.”

The AI chatbot will be a highly effective retention tool for forward-thinking sportsbooks that want to give their customers an immersive and easy-to-use wagering experience.

Benefits for operators and customers

It brings operators significant benefits for their customers, including:

  • Engaging dialogue
  • Informed betting guidance based on real-time stats
  • Enhanced user satisfaction and loyalty
  • Better conversion rates
  • The excitement of football betting in the palm of their hand

SSTrader has several B2C and B2B products in the sports and gambling fields. The new Super Sports Predictor app joins the company’s automated risk-management and trading tool and a fully pledged casino-facing application.

Sportsbooks will find adding the AI chatbot is hassle-free, and SSTrader provides continuous support and updates. Using user behaviour analytics, sports betting platforms can develop promotional strategies to leverage their investment further.

The company invites inquiries from igaming platforms and potential investors who want to be on board for the next explosive growth stage. Contact us for sales and investment-related inquiries.

Operators will get a transparent cost structure tailored exclusively to their needs.

For more information, contact boris@sstrader.com 

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