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Stakelogic launches its Greenlogic partner programme

| By Stephen Carter
Popular slot developer extends game development capacity through unique partner programme

Stakelogic, the cutting-edge online slot developer, has launched a unique partner programme that allows external game studios to collaborate with the developer to jointly create games and distribute them to 500+ operators.

Through the Greenlogic programme, the partner will benefit from the strong Stakelogic brand name and its dominant position in numerous key markets. Furthermore, the partner can focus solely on game development while Stakelogic will take care of sales, marketing and distribution.

Under the Greenlogic programme, the partner is responsible for the game concept, game specifications, game play and game assets, while Stakelogic takes care of the game logic, certification, localisation and back-end integration.

Games will carry the Stakelogic brand whereby the name of the partner studio will be included and communicated. In order to ensure that the games meet the Stakelogic quality standards, the development process is closely guided by Stakelogic.

To ensure the development process for the partner is not disrupted by the Greenlogic program, Stakelogic developed the Enriched Wrapper, an advanced middleware layer that enables smooth and easy integration of the game with the Stakelogic back-end server. The partner can develop games within its own game development environment, whereby the games will automatically obtain the famous Stakelogic look and feel.

Development costs and efforts will be shared by both parties and in terms of commercials, a generous revenue share model ensures the partner studio and Stakelogic are fairly compensated.

With its Greenlogic program Stakelogic pushes the business of its partners forward, while benefitting from the extra development capacity. Partners are given the possibility to develop top-class games which are subsequently distributed under the Stakelogic name, licences and client contracts. Furthermore, under the Greenlogic programme, Stakelogic provides the invoicing and collection services, and real-time back-office access enabling its partners to monitor the performance of the games real-time.

Commenting on the announcement, Stephan van den Oetelaar, CEO of Stakelogic, said: “The online gambling industry is growing rapidly, and so is the number of online players. As these players are not all the same, and because every player, at times, wants to explore games that are new and different, it is important that game developers are innovative and keep renewing game concepts.

“In order to be able to offer more and more diverse content, the Greenlogic program has been developed. The Greenlogic program is based on the principle that 1 + 1 = 3. The development partner and Stakelogic together create more value than they could do independently. Already in September the first game of the Greenlogic programme will be released.”

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