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Vibra Gaming becomes first content provider to be registered with LOTBA

| By Guy Parsons
LatAm-focused Argentine company now authorised to distribute its content through online casino operations

The new year has begun on a positive note for Argentine game and platform developer Vibra Gaming thanks to it being authorised by the Lottery of the City of Buenos Aires (LOTBA).

Vibra’s random number generator (RNG) has been approved by GLI (Gaming Laboratories International), the entity that tests and certifies games worldwide, assuring that this vital component of the content distribution platform (RGS) is reliable and robust. This certification is an essential step to enable games to be distributed by operators within jurisdictions requiring this level of technical standards and compliance, as is the case with LOTBA.

Such services and products are provided to registered operators also approved by the regulatory bodies that are in charge of the Lottery of the City of Buenos Aires. Within a context aimed at adapting in-person experiences to virtual ones due to the Covid-19 confinement, in September 2020 the Legislative Council of the City of Buenos Aires amended a law with the purpose of authorising online gambling in the City of Buenos Aires, thus enabling the exploitation of online betting under strict requirements, both for the platforms and for the games running on them.

In turn, Vibra Gaming also offers a number of specific products to assist local businesses in their migration to the online market. These white-label products and platforms have the highest standards in the industry thanks to the experience that the company’s directors have gained while working for the European market. But since Vibra is based in Argentina, its tax and operating structure provides a strong competitive advantage for casinos operating on a local and regional level.

Commenting on the news, Ramiro Atucha, CEO of Vibra Gaming, said: “We are so proud of this achievement, not only for having obtained the certification but also for becoming the first content developer from Argentina to do so. The approval process has been completely effective and successful thanks to the help of the Lottery of the City of Buenos Aires.”

Sebastián Vivot, manager of modernization and information technologies of the Lottery of the City of Buenos Aires, said: “At the Lottery we are very excited that Vibra Gaming and other market players will be able to grow and that the industry will continue operating and opening up a new setting for online gaming and betting.”

This new online presence is in full swing, and the platforms and content developers will be getting ready during the first part of the year. “I believe we will be having the first active platforms by the first quarter of 2021,” Vivot said.