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WorldMatch announces partnership with Cristaltec

| By Daniel O'Boyle
WorldMatch and Cristaltec have signed a commercial deal that will give WorldMatch the exclusive porting on selected Cristaltec AWP slots.

Proceeding with the omni-channel strategy applied to SlotBar brand -the product born from the partnership between WorldMatch and the main producers of AWP and VLT like Octavian, Nazionale Elettronica and Baldazzi – WorldMatch will port Cristaltec’s AWP games into online slots and will exclusively distribute them worldwide, strengthening both companies’ presence around the globe.
Andrea Boratto, CEO of WorldMatch said, “We’re very proud of this achievement, we
have always believed in the potential to combine the quality and recognizability of retail games with
the online distribution channel and the results of SlotBar products are proving us right.

“We’re completely satisfied of our outcome as aggregators of land-based products, and seeing land-based competitors like Octavian and Cristaltec both relying on us for the conversion and online marketing of their most successful products really made us realize our potential.”
Pierangelo Berdin, chief executive of Cristaltec, added: “We are pleased to work with WorldMatch too, this is a big step for our company’s new path to the online market. WorldMatch’s proven technology and respected experience will give us great opportunities for growing our business on the online portion of the market, internationally.

“We have promising plans for this partnership and there’s no doubt that the players will love this new collaboration too.”