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ESIC launches new register of ongoing integrity cases

| By Nosa Omoigui
The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has launched its new Transparency Initiative, which includes an updated and publicly accessible registration system for integrity cases.
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The first part of the four-phase initiative will see ESIC roll out a publicly accessible Matters Register, detailing all disclosable ESIC investigations. All information will be constantly updated.

The Public Sanctions Registry will compile all sanctions handed down by ESIC and make them accessible to the public. The name of the sanctioned party, sanction duration, type, start and end date and status will all be available.

The Public Appeals Registry will detail all current appeals received by the Independent Appeals Panel as well as their respective status, making information such as name of appellant, appeal date and decision widely accessible.

The Public Appeals Library will keep a record of each appeal and subsequent decision. Cases such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive coach Anton Gerogiev’s ban appeal would be more accessible under the new system.

All parts of the Transparency Initiative are expected to be operational by November 2021.

ESIC has recently signed new anti-corruption supporters in the form of Ultimate Tournament and Esports Technologies.

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