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ICE365 and Esports Charts to launch new esports betting calendar

| By Daniel O'Boyle
Clarion Gaming’s ICE365 has partnered with analytics specialists Esports Charts to launch a new esports betting calendar.
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The calendar will let readers see a month-by-month list of upcoming tournaments, which may be filtered to only include those with a “significant betting impact”, giving the betting industry an insight into the scope and scale of esports events.

“We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Esports Charts, a data agency that has been the driving force behind making esports data more transparent and accessible,” Clarion Gaming head of esports Will Harding commented.

As well as a list of events, the calendar will show prize pools, peak streaming viewers and total hours watched. In addition, it will include an estimate of the total betting value for each event.

“Esports wagering has grown exponentially over the last six-years and there’s a real desire among our stakeholders to learn more about the esport audience,” Harding added. “Thanks to our collaboration with Esports Charts, which has also included extensive consultation and conversations with betting operators, we are able to provide essential audience data for all significant esports betting tournaments in a format that the industry wants. 

“As a result, and thanks to the insight and expertise of the team at Esports Charts, ICE365 represents the go-to source for anyone in the betting sector who wants to track betting potential from upcoming esport competitions and to quickly reference the viewership popularity of important esports tournaments.”

The Esports Betting Calendar will be available on ICE365.com Clarion Gaming’s new year-round content site, which launches on 28 June.

“It’s a major milestone for the company to become the trusted data supplier to Clarion Gaming and ICE365,” Esports Charts founder Ivan Danishevskyi said. “Providing our esport analytics and big data sets will enable visitors to ICE365 to become more familiar with esports and equip them with the tools that are needed in order to make data-driven business critical decisions. 

“Our business intelligence allows for better decision-making, measurement and forecasting.”

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