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Danish regulator issues anti-AML charges against Danske Licens Spil

| By Marese O'Hagan
Denmark's gaming authority Spillemyndigheden has issued two charges against Danske Licens Spil A/S, after the regulator ruled that the operator did not provide adequate anti-money laundering (AML) checks on a player.
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The first indictment was handed down after Spillemyndigheden became aware that Danske Licens Spil had not carried out enhanced customer checks earlier in a specific player’s history with the operator.

The regulator said that although the player’s activities – including the number of transactions and the amount of notifications that were sent to the Money Laundering Secretariat – warranted enhanced checks, these did not take place.

This violates section 17, subsection 1 of Denmark’s Money Laundering Act.

The checks took place much later, after which Danske Licens Spil terminated its relationship with the customer.

Further charge

The second charge pertains to section 26, subsection 1 of the Money Laundering Act and is related to the same customer relationship.

This charge was brought forward because Danske Licens Spil did not notify Denmark’s Anti-Money Laundering Secretariat in reference to two cases of suspected money laundering.

Spillemyndigheden ruled that Danske Licens Spil did not comply with the obligation to notify the Secretariat of AML suspicions.

Despite the charges, Danske Licens Spil faces no action. Spillemyndigheden said this was because “these are violations that no longer exist”.

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