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Lottery: Lottoland pioneer its way to challenge monopolies

| By iGB Editorial Team
Lottoland is pioneering its way onto the lottery scene in the UK and Germany, where retail monopolies are not happy about the new entrant.

With the UK government recently announcing the launch of an open consultation into “prohibiting third-party betting on non-UK Euro Millions draws”, what does the lottery landscape look like for operators such as Lottoland? 

The lottery betting group is looking to expand into Germany and has already come up against opposition from incumbents. However it remained positive in its outlook and is clear private firms can adhere to lottery regulations just as well as state-franchised lotteries.

Meanwhile in the UK, Camelot said that Lottoland can afford to offer cheaper tickets because it doesn’t contribute to as many charity causes and social projects but  Lottoland said that if it wins its bid to run a lottery in Germany it will be giving a set percentage to charity, as is required by government.

Customer choice is another key argument and Lottoland said customers should be allowed to choose between different lottery products in the UK. To put things in perspective, Lottoland added that its UK market share from its Euromillions sales is less than 0.1% of Camelot’s total turnover, which is 80% generated by retail sales, and that it wasn't affecting Camelot's ability to give to Good Causes in any significant way.

Read the full News Analysis here to find out more about Lottoland’s outlook (paywall). 

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