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Nevada gambling revenue hits record $15.52bn in 2023

| By Robert Fletcher
Gambling revenue in Nevada reached an all-time high of $15.52bn (£12.37bn/€14.46bn) in 2023, surpassing the previous annual record by 4.6%.
Nevada 2023

The 2023 total was comfortably ahead of the existing Nevada record of $14.84bn, which was set in 2022.

Breaking down the past year, land-based slots were the primary source of revenue. The $10.28bn generated in 2023 was 2.8% higher than in the previous year. Some $5.97bn of all slot revenue came from multi-denomination games, while penny slots drew $3.15bn.

Baccarat revenue falls just short of $1.50bn in 2023

Elsewhere, table, counter and card games revenue, which also includes sports betting, hit $5.24bn. This was 8.5% ahead of the $4.83bn posted in 2022.

Baccarat was responsible for $1.49bn of table, counter and card games revenue in Nevada in 2023. This was 28.2% higher year-on-year.

A further $1.33bn came from blackjack, up 0.8%, while craps revenue increased 4.6% to $467.5m and roulette 1.8% to $460.3m.

Nevada mobile sports betting revenue reaches €240.7m

As for sports betting, sports pool revenue for 2023 amounted to $481.3m. 

Of this, some $157.9m came from football betting, basketball produced $133.5m and baseball generated $93.2m. Hockey betting revenue totalled $19.0m, parlay cards $8.5m and other wagering $69.3m.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board also noted $240.7m of all sports pool revenue came from mobile betting.

December revenue reaches $1.43bn

As for the final month of the year, December revenue amounted to $1.43bn. This was 9.0% more than December 2022 and 4.4% higher than November 2023.

Slot machine revenue increased 6.9% to $858.0m, with multi-denomination slots leading the way on $559.6m.

Table, counter and card games revenue climbed 12.5% to $574.6m. Baccarat drew $221.6m in revenue, with blackjack on $113.4mm and craps $46.7m.

Sports pool revenue amounted to $59.1m, a rise of 7.0%. Football betting drew the highest proportion of revenue here at $37.3m for the month.

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