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Videoslots deputy CEO Skottling setting sights on “transformative” journey

| By Kyle Goldsmith | Reading Time: 4 minutes
With gambling’s status as such a competitive industry, constant evolution is needed for companies to ensure they gain a foothold. For Videoslots deputy chief executive Ulle Skottling, it’s this ability to keep adapting that he believes will lead the business on a “transformative” trajectory.
Videoslots Skottling

Skottling himself has undergone an interesting journey in recent times, appointed Videoslots’ deputy chief executive in March 2021 having previously been the company’s chief operations officer.

As part of his wider set of responsibilities, Skottling is working with chief executive Alexander Stevendahl to manage where the company is headed, aiming to create a culture that fosters growth and opens up new opportunities.

“This includes strategic planning, corporate governance and decision-making at a higher level,” Skottling told iGB. “As deputy CEO, I am involved in setting and implementing the company’s vision, managing key relationships and ensuring that the organisation operates efficiently and effectively while being profitable and compliant.

“We have got a solid template from which the senior management team has now established the culture we have and will strive towards. This will now be rolled out throughout the company.”

Skottling setting lofty targets

So, what exactly are Videoslots’ plans for the future? Well, Skottling sees a fascinating next couple of years for the company, featuring expansion across the globe as well as the introduction of a sportsbook.

Skottling Videosports
videoslots is looking to move into new regulated territories

There has already been evidence of steps taken towards those objectives. In June last year, Videoslots announced it would launch its online casino offering in Ontario after securing a licence in the Canadian province.

“I envision an exciting and transformative journey for our company over the next five years,” Skottling continued. “Our strategic vision includes expanding into more regulated territories, ensuring compliance and offering our unique gaming experience to a wider audience.

“This expansion aims to strengthen our market presence and elevate the overall gaming experience.”

In terms of how Skottling envisions Videoslots achieving its aims of global expansion, technology and innovation is set to play a key role in the company’s growth strategy.

Part of this will be the development of an application, with the aim being to provide “seamless engagement” across the various new territories that Videoslots expands into.

“To further enhance our ecosystem, we are excited to roll out our new affiliate system, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and driving engagement across our platforms,” Skottling added.

“Additionally, our focus on innovation extends to the implementation of a new responsive design, optimising user interaction and providing an efficient and enjoyable platform across devices.”

UK “challenging but crucial”

Videoslots’ move into Ontario and Canada marked its seventh gaming licence, following approval in Malta, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain and the UK.

The UK is certainly in the spotlight at the moment, with April 2023’s white paper throwing the future of the market into uncertain waters with the threat of affordability checks and slot stake limits looming.

For Skottling, though, while the UK throws up regulation concerns that aren’t as prevalent in other markets, the region remains a “challenging but crucial” one in the sector for Videoslots.

“The stringent regulatory environment demands constant vigilance, yet we recognise its importance due to substantial market size and revenue potential,” Skottling said.

“We approach challenges as opportunities, committing to transparency, compliance and continuous improvement to positively contribute to the dynamic UK online casino market.”

Culture is key for Videoslots

Skottling believes he has a vital role to play in Videoslots’ objective of providing an “unparalleled gaming experience”, pointing to the company’s history of over a decade as a rarity in what is still such a young industry.

Entain board changes
skottling is hoping culture will provide videoslots with growth opportunities

It’s the culture that Skottling has helped to cultivate that he believes will set Videoslots up for future success.

“The collective efforts of our exceptional staff, who bring their skills and dedication to the table, inspire me daily,” Skottling remarked. “Adaptability is key, while long-term strategic vision is essential. Flexibility in execution is equally crucial.

“My approach involves a careful blend of stakeholder engagement, employee involvement, alignment with personal and organisational values, strategic data utilisation and a commitment to ongoing evaluation and adaptation.

“This multifaceted approach aims to create a balanced decision-making framework that considers the interests of all relevant parties, fostering a sustainable and successful business environment.”

Videoslots aiming for “excellence”

The next five years for Videosport marks a crucial juncture in the company’s progression, a journey that Skottling believes will see the company continue to make waves across the world.

US gaming
videoslots is introducing a new app to aid its strategic growth plans

It’s an exciting time for the Malta-based operator and Skottling feels what Videoslots has in the pipeline will allow it to fulfil both its short and long-term targets.

“In summary, the next five years for Videoslots will be marked by strategic growth, featuring new brands, enhanced app availability, a cutting-edge affiliate system, a responsive design overhaul, the introduction of a sportsbook and expansion into more regulated territories,” Skottling declared.

“These initiatives collectively reinforce our commitment to delivering excellence in the dynamic landscape of online gaming.”

With a strong organisational culture and technology and innovation plans to boot, Videoslots certainly seems well-placed to deliver on Skottling’s promises.

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