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The next generation of casino content

| By Daniel O'Boyle | Reading Time: 3 minutes
David Natroshvili, managing partner at Spribe, discusses crash games and how they can help operators to engage lucrative millennial and Generation Z players

Operators are going to great lengths to add content to their lobbies that engages the lucrative millennial and Generation Z (Gen Z) demographics, but to date the vast majority have failed to offer a truly compelling reason for these players to ditch video and mobile games in favour of online casino.

Developing games for these players requires an entirely new approach and simply tweaking the format of traditional slot games does not go far enough.

Sure, bringing in elements from video games such as missions and tasks and allowing players to progress through the game by climbing levels and unlocking bonuses is a step in the right direction, but to create games that really tap into their psyche requires something entirely different.

Taking a fresh approach leads to an entirely new type of casino game that combines the key elements of video and mobile games, as well as elements such as skill development and social interaction, with the ability to place a wager and potentially win real money.

Crash games, or turbo games as we call them, offer exactly this. In short, they feature an “increasing curve” that can crash at any time. There is a multiplier that continues to increase as the game plays out, and players must decide when to “cash out” their winnings.

If they cash out too soon, they only receive a small prize. If they wait too long and the curve crashes, they forfeit any winnings they have accumulated.

These games have been developed specifically for mobile play – although they still offer a fun and thrilling experience on desktop – with a simple UI. They also have social elements – our Aviator title offers in-game chat as well as live bets and statistics for all players – and are multiplayer.

They also provide incredibly fast game sessions which is exactly what millennials and Gen Z players are seeking. Of course, slots offer similar session speeds, but they simply cannot compete when it comes to engagement and interaction.

A growing number of operators are now offering these games – we are live with more than 1,000 – but some are still struggling when it comes to where they sit in their game lobbies and how they market them to players.

We recommend that operators offering crash games should consider them more of a casino game than a slot.

It is also important for operators to carefully consider how they market these games to new and existing players and in particular the player segments where they will have the greatest appeal. Millennials and Gen Z are a given, but as the game becomes more and more popular, boomers are starting to play it too.

In terms of marketing, we suggest operators use free bets, since they are the best way to introduce the game to the players. Aviator also has a “free bet rain” promo tool that throws free bets in the chat at random times.

It is also important for developers of turbo games to do their part when it comes to educating players about the experience they offer and also how they work. This is something we are currently doing by working closely with some of the biggest affiliates in the market.

Operators are pulling out all the stops to attract new, younger demographics to their casinos and sportsbooks, and those offering innovative content such as crash games are well on their way to doing exactly that.

Making these titles clearly visible in the game lobby and combining this with smart marketing and the education efforts being undertaken by providers will ensure more players are aware of these titles and the fast-paced, thrilling experience they provide.

It will take time but ultimately this content will dominate online casino game lobbies as the levels of fun and engagement they provide goes way beyond that delivered by a standard slot.

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