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The future of retail

| By iGB Editorial Team

Commentators have written retail’s obituary on numerous occasions, but it remains a key part of the gambling ecosystem in Europe. It still faces multiple challenges, though. In Germany, the location of shops is being restricted by zoning laws. In Britain, it has faced a double hit from the FOBT stake cut and a trio of Covid-19 lockdowns. In Spain, new restrictions are being promised to limit the sector. And then there’s the ongoing migration of players online. However, a significant number of people remain optimistic about the channel’s future. 

In this video, industry experts will discuss how to build the betting shop of the future, touching on developing omnichannel experiences, and how M&A will reshape the market.


Alan Pepperell, retail director, Spotlight Sports Group (Moderator)

Adam Lamentowicz, country general manager (Poland), Superbet

Gary Toal, owner, Biztech Software & Toals Bookmakers

Mark Pearson, head of media, Betfred

Alexander Martin, chief executive, SKS365

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